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Pokemon Go: Outside vs Reality

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go, you’ve obviously been living in a media-free cave for the past few weeks. This game is so popular that millions of people have been playing it all over the world, even before the game was officially released in their countries! It’s an augmented reality game in which you… Continue reading Pokemon Go: Outside vs Reality

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Cheap Makeup Products: Part 2

I previously wrote a blog post about cheap makeup products and whether they actually work, which you can read here. I ordered 2 other products that I planned on including in the post but they didn’t arrive in time. Now they have arrived, I thought I would do a second post about the extra products!… Continue reading Cheap Makeup Products: Part 2

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Kracie Poppin Cookin

Another product I purchased on my online shopping spree recently was a Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ set. This is something that I don’t need at all, but it’s a bit of fun and I’ve been wanting to try one for ages. I’ve seen videos online of all the different sets you can buy, you can literally make a… Continue reading Kracie Poppin Cookin

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Tony Moly: Tomatox Magic Massage Pack

I did an online shop recently for some new and exciting beauty products. I have heard great things about a few Asian beauty brands, so I bought a few things to try them out. The first thing I bought was the Tomatox Magic Massage Pack from the Korean brand Tony Moly. I absolutely love tomatoes. I… Continue reading Tony Moly: Tomatox Magic Massage Pack